Best selling weight loss paperback – The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

As the number one best seller in Amazon’s Detox and Cleansing Diets category, JJ Smith’s “10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse” is getting rave reviews.

Here’s a sample of some of those reviews:

“I completed my 10 days & lost a total of 15 pounds Woooo-hoooo!! I learned so much about my body and the importance of clean eating in this short time period.”
— Nicole F.

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“DAY 10!!!! Feeling super excited at how far I’ve come!! I’ve lost 14 pounds and feel amazing!
— Mya B.

…and this full testimonial from ‘dimaroto

What an amazing book!

I’m not a believer of diets or drastic changes in you eating habits. That only means temporary change=body harm.

I’m a 31 y/o. No kids. Married. With a 7:30-5:00 job. A 40 min commute. And a fitbit watch to try to achieve at least 8,000 steps a day. In other words, I’m kinda normal.

I always was underweight. My ideal weight used to be 106-110. I’m only 5ft. When I turned 26 my weight started to change due to bad eating habits. I went to 125, then 135 and finally 145. I started watching what I was eating about two years ago, but loosing that extra weight hasn’t been easy.

As per my primary doc, my ideal weight for my height and age should be 115-125. I don’t know how to achieve that!

I do not consume sugars/sweets because I simply don’t like them. My weakness is beer and buffalo wings. I don’t eat salty either, it became a habit after my dad got a heart surgery about ten years ago.

My breakfast is usually tea with crackers, for lunch I like soup, and dinner varies. But I think dinner is what kills me. For the most part I cook a typical Hispanic meal: rice, beans, and some sort of meat. But when I don’t cook, hubby and I just order food (pizza or Chinese).

For about two years now, my weight hit the 130-135 mark. I have not been able to weigh less than that.

I decided to give this book a try not to achieve my ideal weight, I gave up on that a while ago. But to cleanse my system which I think is something I truly need.

In just four days I already feel the difference: I’m sleeping so much better. I have so much energy and somehow, I’m always happy (I’m like that famous grumpy cat, so a happy face is abnormal in my case haha).

Giving up meats is not a challenge (I was vegetarian for about three years, until I developed rashes and a weak immune system). I’m not that much into dairy. Fruits are the love of my life. I love bread, but I can survive without it; same with pasta. But the beer??? Oh my! I love my beer at night. Yet, I have not missed it. I’m fine without it 😉

Weird craving Ive been having is salt. However, I love pickled veggies, so I guess that’s where the craving comes from.

What makes this program easy is that you are not deprived from eating at all. If you feel hungry you get to eat any veggies or fruits of your choice. You also get to eat hard boiled eggs, which I never ate those many before in my life hahaha. They are filling and very nutritious. The book does not mention a limit on eggs. I did some research and an average of 4-6 a day is completely healthy. I’m having three a day. I also snack on fruits and veggies that are not part of the smoothy of the day, that way I do not loose motivation.

I am not doing the salt-water flush. Not my thing.! I will let my body do everything on its own. I’m not adding sweeteners either, but that’s just because as I said before, I don’t like sweets. I’m drinking plenty of water which I always have, and a bought a variety of detox teas to switch flavors.

Lastly, pretty much all my ingredients are organic. Ive been buying organic for years now. And I am not adding any protein to my smoothies. I rather to get that protein from organic eggs.

I will update this post with more results. My experience is a good one. I completely suggest you try this program. The only side effect I experienced was a little rash by my lip. It went away in half hour and it happened on my first day. Another thing I’m experiencing is something like hot-flashes hahaha… I just wake up sweating and with my body temperature up. But I don’t feel like is something bad. Maybe the sweat is the way my system is cleansing.

By the way, I decided to take pics everyday. I want to see the difference my self. No filters used, filters don’t cheat others but yourself! And, I decided to use the same outfit when taking the pictures so that the results are hopefully, more visible.

Good luck trying the program!

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Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not updating this post earlier. Believe it or not, I couldn’t figure out how to do it + I’m a busy girl.

So, I uploaded all other pics.

Since a successful end to my cleanse, I have continued with the modified version (2 smoothies and a HEALTHY meal).
My total loss was 10 pounds and I continue to be at 125. 125 is perfect in my case given my height and age. However, I am thinking about doing the cleanse again soon; not to lose weight, but to get rid of Xmas/new yrs/vacation toxins 🙂

I have to admit that my eating habits completely changed. I continue to crave fruits and veggies on a daily basis. To me that is the most interesting part of all. I continue to indulge on buffalo wings and beer over the weekends and my results continue to be the same. By The way, on the weekends I rarely drink smoothies; I eat 2-3 meals and feel just fine. However, and once again, my meals are healthy. I kinda became a pescatarian, all I eat is fish and lots of veggies.

On another note, I gave a try to three different things mentioned in the book: sea-salt water flush (I add a lime to it to make it easier to drink) and oh my if I recommend it, it makes me feel digestively clean :). I also bought Mag07 and wow! J.J Smith is right about those pills, is a great way to stay regular and help your digestive system stay healthy. Finally, I did the liver cleanse (8oz water and 2tbs apple cider vinegar) and my waist has gotten thinner.

I continue to go to the book all the time. I get recipes from there, and I just go back to her various tips.

Since, I bought another book with hundreds of green smoothie recipes. I like J.J Smith’s recipes better because are less sweeter, but nonetheless, the other book helps me keep up with my routine too.

I developed a method: Once a month I get a shopping list ready. I separate all recipes on ziplock bags and freeze them. The night before I take them out and done! I waste no time making my daily dose of health.

I also bought a Ninja blender. Mine was a small one and I had to make a smoothie at a time (no time for that in the am). I’m totally in love with my new blender because I make 2-3 cups of the same smoothie at once.

Feel free to ask me questions.

I continue to recommend the book. I’m also very active in J.J Smith’s twitter account because the program worked like a charm in my case. I love my new eating habits and how I feel in general, and that’s all thanks to J.J Smith.

Last note: people constantly compliment me on my skin and hair, people do notice my weight loss, and people continue to talk about how cheerful I am most of the time which I find hilarious given how grumpy I am ha!

Best of luck to those considering the cleanse.”

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Click here to Shop for 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse online

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JJ Smith is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, and the #1 national bestseller and USA TODAY bestseller Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out! She is a nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert who has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The Montel Williams Show, and The Jamie Foxx Show and on the NBC, FOX, and CW Network television stations, as well as in the pages of Glamour, Essence, and Ladies Home Journal. Since reclaiming her health, losing weight, and discovering a “second youth” in her forties, JJ has become the voice of inspiration to those who want to lose weight, be healthy, and get their sexy back! To learn more, check out

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