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Creating the perfect balanceEating healthier for a healthy lifestyleTime for change is now

Creating the perfect balance

Achieving the ideal body shape involves a combination of healthy foods, strong and steady exercise, and the perfect balance of rest and sleep. Learn how to formulate and combine your own eating plans to maximize your health and reach your personal weight loss goals faster.

Eating healthier for a healthy lifestyle

Creating healthy eating plans is central to your weight loss success. Learning to combine food groups for better nutrition will give you the balance you need to take control of your body image and lifestyle.

Time for change is now

Creating your healthy lifestyle starts today, with a combination of better eating and sleeping habits, regular exercise, and a whole lot of healthy raw foods. The power is in your hands, and the time for change is now.

Introduction to fast and safe weight loss

Welcome to the Tell Me How to Lose Weight Fast website. You are about to take control of your body image and create a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and exercise. Use this website for the latest weight loss news, product reviews, healthy eating plans, and the very best advice on diet and supplements.

Healthy Image Attitude

Healthy Image Attitude

There is more to a healthy lifestyle then merely losing weight. Our articles in this section will help you achieve the inner peace and security to keep your mind, body and spirit in perfect balance.

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Raw truth about food

Raw Truth About Food

Creating the perfect eating plan is vital to your success in controlling your weight and body shape. Discover the best combination of raw and whole foods to kick-start your weight loss regime and take control of your body shape.

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Move it to lose it

Move it to Lose it Faster

Maximize your weight loss success with the perfect balance of exercise, sleep and rest. Discover the science behind the way your body works and get the best results from your daily habits.

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Power boosting product reviews

Power Boosting Product Reviews

Your weight loss and body image regime requires the use of a range of equipment, supplements, and herbal boosters. Read our product reviews on all the major brands, from some of the best in the business.

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